July 26, 2015

The Deeping Call is available for preorder! Available for only 99¢, you can purchase it right now on Amazon and it will be delivered on August 1st.

Alex Zabala

Modern Mayan Mysteries (Clean Books for Mysterious Minds)
  • The Ten Commandments of Book Selling
    If you are an author, here are some tips for selling books on Amazon. There is no silver bullet for success. I cannot guarantee you will sell books if you follow my Ten Commandments. However, failure is almost surely guaranteed if you don’t have a successful plan. Keep in mind that it’s a tough world … Continue reading The Ten Commandments of Book Selling
  • Book Review week
    Title: Piranha Author: Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison Price: Library Star review:  4.5 (out of 5) Piranha is my kind of adventure story. Before I get started I do want to mention that even though I do read Clive Cussler novels, I don’t always like everything he puts out. Once in a while he (or … Continue reading Book Review week

KayCee's Cardboard Box

The Pencils Are Taking Over
  • Jewelry Elements
    I set out to create a jewelry collection that reflected scenes of nature. These are scenes that are beautiful and a little odd. A little odd never hurt anyone. 1. Turtle Shell Beads Used: jasper stone and mother of pearl.   2. Abalone Shell Beads Used: mother of pearl, fresh water pearls and glass.   … Continue reading Jewelry Elements
  • Warming Up
    When I sit down to write I begin with writing. Runners and athletes warm up before they start so why not writers? Sounds a bit redundant, right? Would someone have walked up to Babe Ruth in the batting cage and asked, “Hey why do you keep swinging that bat around? You’ll be doing enough of … Continue reading Warming Up
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