April 24th, 2014

The artwork page has been updated with 6 free new images from Dyego Alehandro. Enjoy!

April 23rd, 2014

The Missing Capstone is now available for free! This short story tells about Chauncy Rollock's first adventure in Egypt. You can find it right here: The Missing Capstone

Dyego's Random Musings

Author. Artist. Chef. Game-Maker. Lesser Scoundrel.
  • My co-author, Alex Zabala, requires absolute silence when he writes. I know there are many authors like that, but I am not one of them. Music has proven to be so influential to my writing process that I thought it … Continue reading
  • My fingers are trembling as I type this. The nervous tick running through my limbs is a combination of things, really, but it’s mostly a mixture of hope and fear. You see, I’ve been unemployed for six months and the … Continue reading

Alex Zabala

Modern Mayan Mysteries (Clean Books for Mysterious Minds)
  • Scrolling through my blogs I noticed I haven’t interviewed my co-author Dyego Alehandro. Even though you may find a lot of information about him on his website ( I think it’s high time I paid him some homage. After all, he is responsible for my success, both in co-writing and publishing my literary works. So here […]
  • That’s a loaded question. When it comes to Dyego Alehandro and I the answer is: yes, sort of, sometimes. Okay that sounds vague, but in our case it isn’t always a smooth road and truth be told…it shouldn’t be. Why? Because no two brains think exactly alike, Dyego has his own style of writing and […]

KayCee's Cardboard Box

The Pencils Are Taking Over
  • I set out to create a jewelry collection that reflected scenes of nature. These are scenes that are beautiful and a little odd. A little odd never hurt anyone. 1. Turtle Shell Beads Used: jasper stone and mother of pearl.   2. Abalone Shell Beads Used: mother of pearl, fresh water pearls and glass.   […]
  • When I sit down to write I begin with writing. Runners and athletes warm up before they start so why not writers? Sounds a bit redundant, right? Would someone have walked up to Babe Ruth in the batting cage and asked, “Hey why do you keep swinging that bat around? You’ll be doing enough of […]
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